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  • Nassim Nicholas Taleb

    Nassim Nicholas Taleb

  • Brian Pennie

    Brian Pennie

    Change is possible. I write to show that. Author | Recovered addict | Speaker | PhD candidate. www.brianpennie.com

  • Ritika Mittal

    Ritika Mittal

    Editor of An Idea

  • Sumit Grrg

    Sumit Grrg

    Words in OneZero, DeBugger, Index, and more.

  • Tim


    Indie Maker, Founder — The Travel Pad https://thetravelpad.com

  • Ricky Derisz

    Ricky Derisz

    Spirituality Coach. Join MindThatEgo.com and get your free copy of Mindsets for Mindfulness → https://bit.ly/2MnBlHp. It’s a bribe, but worth it.

  • Fabian Striver

    Fabian Striver

    I write to motivate you to live an active life. Don’t stop until you’re proud! 🚀

  • Stephen Muskett, M.S.Ed

    Stephen Muskett, M.S.Ed

    Environmental & STEAM Ed.| Advocate/Activist for sustainable societies | Educator | Creating connections between people and nature | Founder & Editor of AoA

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